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17,000+ media products in 20+ countries rely on The Magazine Manager to increase profit.

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From major national publications to small media companies, Magazine Manager increases efficiency for all

Boost Productivity & Revenue with a CRM Designed For Media Companies

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Magazine Manager’s CRM software was built with magazine publishing in mind. From advertising sales tools to production templates, this magazine publishing software can help with every facet of your publication.

Customize interactions and increase engagement with efficient marketing workflows


Unify your databases with advanced tools and predictive insights


Project Management 

Plan and collaborate with intuitive workspaces and easily trackable functions

With Magazine Manager, the unparalleled combination of automation + CRM + project management creates a robust system designed specifically for your publication’s success.

Let’s talk about what how the world’s #1 CRM for media companies can grow your business.

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Increase efficiency by as much as 150% using our all-encompassing CRM software

$ 40,000

Save up to $40,000 a year using Magazine Manager’s Payment Module


Increase your productivity by up to 50% using Mirabel Mobile

Customers who use Magazine Manager reports:

Increase revenue and save time with Mirabel’s media CRM

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Ad Sales Management

A centralized ad order system keeps advertisers in sync with deadlines.

Publishing CRM

Search by dozens of custom fields and generate proposal templates


Our powerful reporting suite helps publishers monitor profitability and performance.


Email verification and powerful automation boost every campaign

The only publishing CRM with built-in email verification software to prevent hard bounces.

Email Verification

Data visualization tools and custom dashboards makes for easy monitoring



From the initial ad order to final layout, keep production materials organized.

Audience Development

Unmask anonymous site visitors and convert into quality leads

Digital Pagination

Viewing a magazine's layout makes it easier to create digital and mobile editions.

Project Management

Track materials and exchange feedback in real time

The Next Generation of CRM For Media Companies 

All the tools and data your sales and marketing teams could need are here, right at their fingertips.

Contact Management

As a collaborative CRM, Magazine Manager thrives at putting all your contacts’ information right at the fingertips of every team member who needs it. Manage callbacks and customize templates to make every outreach effective.

Customer Search

Intuitive search fields with drop-down customization and more. Whether you’re on the run with your mobile or dialing away at your desktop, find accurate, updated data in real-time.

Ad proposals Templates & offers

As the premier magazine media CRM, Magazine Magazine is specially designed not only to help with your day-to-day tasks, but also keep you focused on tomorrow. Respond to RFPs quickly and maintain forward momentum.

Email Marketing

Magazine Manager’s automation tools, particularly those partnered with Mirabel’s easy-to-integrate Marketing Manager, are ideal for email marketing. Create newsletters, e-blasts, and other intuitive campaigns with Email Builder.

One Unified Platform For All of Your Teams

A true CRM for media companies, Magazine Manager provides a single, powerful database from which ad sales can nurture and sell efficiently, marketing can excel at outreach and audience development, editorial can categorize and organize, and production can keep everyone on the same page.

Data Exactly Where and When You Need It

Most magazine publishing systems require multiple databases to truly access all of their teams’ silos. Magazine Manager solves that inefficiency and allows you to segment data within a single unified database.

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